What I do

Media Research

I determine media forms to allow clients to reach the intended audience in the most cost-effective manner.


#UserResearch #MarketResearch #MediaBuying #BetaTesting #iloveCensus #Iam #GoogleJunkie #ExcelGod

Content Strategy

I plan and produce various types of engaging content that resonates with the target audience.


#SocialMediaPlanning #copywriting #PR #PhotoEditing #VideoProduction #KoreanEnglish #translation #iMake #aCupOfTeaforAudiences

Flexible Facilitator

I facilitate communication between people in a group to best utilize the limited time the group has.


#TaskManager #ConflictResolution #byDesignThinking #listener #No_BrainstormingSessions_DuringLunchHour #but_MotivatingWithSweets

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What I stand for

A World without Isolation

My vision is a world where everyone feels welcome and comfortable,
even when alone.

Content Brings Connection

My mission is to deliver connected life experience by providing interactive contents in the most convenient manner.

Retouch by Lee, Leetouch

I am committed to discover valuable things hidden in everyday life and unlock the true values, by Leetouch.

What my previous employers say

Minji works fast and flawlessly.
She knows how to present a client’s voice to the right audience.

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Minji works fast and flawlessly. She knows how to present a client’s voice to the right audience. She was promoted from part time to full time in a week, even when an entry-level position typically requires a 3-month probation period. Minji clearly understood her job requirements, work schedule and workflow. She efficiently communicated with not only her colleagues but also with the media partners. She is a great team player – reliable and dedicated.

Soa Kang CEO of adCREASIANs / soa@adcreasians.com

Minji’s team player mind-set, enthusiastic embrace of change,
ability to work with minimal supervision also impressed me as her supervisor.

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I was initially impressed Minji’s enthusiasm and communication skills when I hired her as an intern within Mnet America. Moreover, Minji’s team player mind-set, enthusiastic embrace of change, ability to work with minimal supervision also impressed me as her supervisor. She has my highest recommendation! I am happy to furnish more details if you would like additional information.Thank you.

Ryan Lee Senior Associate, Finance&Accounting of CJ AMERICA / ryanlee@cj.net

17 Random Things about Me

  1. When I was 5, I loved playing Superman. I broke my right arm.
  2. When 8, I was awarded the 1st place in the-downhill-bike-race-with-no-brakes-through-a-resident-parking-garage.
  3. I broke my left arm.
  4. Few days later, like it was meant to be, I had a fractured right arm.
    Not a surprise anymore for my mom.
  5. My middle school entrance road went under construction because a fallen student got foot stuck in the road’s crack. My friends scribbled on my plaster cast, “Can’t stop Min Ji, never could.”
  6. My head got stuck between a pair of bus doors. Surprisingly, my head was not broken this time.
  7. In 4th grade, I went up to the final round and won second place in Computer Knowledge Quiz Game from the TV show The Computer is My Friend.
  8. In fact, I was eliminated in the 2nd round but given a second chance, for I enthralled judges by showing beatboxing. By the way the quiz was consisted of of 3 rounds.
  9. The reason that I ran for student body president was that I was rejected from the broadcast club. Since taking the position, I had held a MIC more than a student reporter did.
    Yeah, exactly what I intended.
  10. One week before Halloween, my car’s rear bumper was broken, having a big pumpkin-shaped hole, by someone throwing a pumpkin.
  11. The pumpkin gang got caught shortly, thanks to my neighbor Petter’s 911 call. They were offenders on parole; they were taken back to the jail on their first day of parole.
  12. I gave Petter a cake shaped like a pumpkin as a sign of my appreciation.
  13. As a people person, I make obsession sufferers in my team feel relax. This is my obsession.
  14. A sense of powerlessness is what I learned the most from my 19 years of volunteering experience. There aren't so many things that a mere individual can do for the socially marginalized people.
  15. But I still have a hope, because an individual who has ideas is not just a mere person anymore.
  16. Since I majored in Sociology, I’ve often heard questions about “how to make a living.”
    Obviously, with worrying voices.
  17. If the word “living” is switched into the word “impact,” it becomes the reason that I chose Sociology as a major: “How to make an impact.” The concept of contribution led me to go into Sociology.

The Could-We-Be-Friends Quiz

" We may not have yet realized our destiny to be friends..! "
Please choose the action that most closely matches what you would do in that situation.


Situation 1. The weekend's finally here! You're gonna:

Situation 2. At a party, you like to:

Situation 3. Your friend is crying. You're gonna say:

Situation 4. Your favorite sport is:

Situation 5. Your desk:




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UCLA(University of California at Los Angeles)에서 사회학을 전공했고 인권단체 LiNK에서는 펀드레이저로, 취업동아리 Kojobs에서는 홍보담당자로 활동하며 학생들과 호흡할 수 있는 다양한 컨텐츠들을 만들었어요. 졸업 후에는 LA에 위치한 광고회사 adCREASIANs에서 미디어 코디네이터로 근무하며 소비자와 호흡할 수 있는 보도자료와 미디어 이벤트들을 기획했습니다.

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누구나, 어디서나, 간편하게 소통할 수 있는 플랫폼과 컨텐츠를 만들어 더 나은 세상을 기획하는 것이 제 목표예요.

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